Storm Water Management

Storm Water / Wastewater Treatment

  • Flow Regulator Type MINI Compact regulator with rotating plate suitable for the greatest discharges no electrical power required.
  • Gate Flushing System High efficiency flushing for tanks and sewer channels.
  • Flushing and impounding protection Swivel-mounted impounding shield for larger canal and canal network management.
  • Fine Bar Screen Type FSRF High-performance modular screens for Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO).
  • Particle Separator Type FLEX Effective storm water treatment with moving lamellae – no external energy required.
  • Non-Return Flaps Reliable backwater protection for sewers and ancillary structures.

Process Water Treatment

  • Legio-Tec Chemical-free Legionella prevention for water circuits – safe, efficient, durable.
  • Water-Tec Chemical-free germ reduction for industrial and cooling water circuits – safe, efficient, durable.
  • Care-Tec Lubricant coolant maintenance – without chemicals – safe, efficient, durable.
  • Clean-Tec Improved hygiene in industrial washing processes – chemical-free, efficient, safe, durable.
  • Scale-Tec No more limescale problems! No chemicals or electricity required.

Flood Protection / Retention

  • Emergency Flood Barrier The innovative flood barrier system – quick to set up and take down.
  • Flood gates Reliable flood protection for sewerage and watercourse systems.

Drive Technology

  • External energy free drive, the sustainable use of water power is one of LIKU-TECH’s specialties. Storm water treatment units are often extremely difficult to access and installed in locations where an electricity supply would involve high costs.
  • Electric drives design varies according to the product and the local requirements. Combining these factors allows us to guarantee you a harmonious valve and actuator unit.
  • Hydraulic drives are tailored to local requirements. We construct mirrored hydraulic units with emergency features or hydraulic systems with pressure accumulators or hand pumps.
  • Pneumatic drives are seldom used in wastewater or sewerage systems.
  • Pump technology an effective method of raising water and, therefore, of either emptying or filling tanks and basins.


  • Storm Water Management products installation, commissioning and operational training services are provided by well experienced and professional team in-situ.