The Lung 360o
Indoor Air Purification System

  • 3 layers of filtration
  • 100% removal efficiency
  • Noiseless operation
  • 3 speed controllers
  • Virus, bacteria & pathogens free
  • 3600 pollutant intakes
  • Available in 3 capacities

Chemical Dosing Systems

“LIKU-TECH” skid-mounted dosing systems provide substances or mixtures of substances in a defined quantity and specific mixing & dosing ratio. This can be done for solids, liquids, or gases, both continuous dosing / intermittent dosing as required by the customer.

Chemical Storage Tanks

“LIKU-TECH” Chemical Storage Tanks are single/double wall type capacity up to 60 m3 with thermoplastic material of construction.

De-Nitrification Systems

“LIKU-TECH” de-nitrification systems contains natural water in addition to various dissolved minerals, bound and free carbon dioxide. The lime-carbonic acid equilibrium of water refers to the chemical balance between the ions of calcium carbonate and carbonic acid. If water contains less carbon dioxide, it is lime separating; if it contains more, it is lime soluble.

Co2 De-Gasser

“LIKU-TECH” CO2 De-Gasser system for contaminated water is trickled onto the filling bodies through a central nozzle or a perforated distributor plate in the upper part of the column. The filling body assembly serves to enlarge the material exchange surface here. In the counter-flow process gas is blown in, which leads to the outgassing of the dissolved pollutants. The contaminated air is treated in a downstream activated carbon filter (adsorption of the pollutants in activated carbon). The treated water is collected and diverted for further use in the column foot.

Control Panels

“LIKU-TECH” Panels start from simple switch boxes to large switch systems with PLC based monitoring and management systems with touchscreen operation to meet specific customer requirements.

Ducts & Fittings

“LIKU-TECH” provides the complete ductwork solutions including fittings and lamination kit. These items are fabricated to withstand the most aggressive media & environmental solutions for all water & wastewater process applications.

Volume Control Dampers

“LIKU-TECH” manufacture volume control dampers for toxic/waste gas application to regulate the air flow. The designs of the dampers are manufactured in such a way it matches any type of robust operating & harsh environmental conditions.

Radial Fans

“LIKU-TECH” Waste Gas ventilation fans are custom designed to meet the right demands of technical & commercial requirement. The specially designed fans are suitable for high aggressive, dusty, hot & humid application with high range of mechanical designs for each requirement.

Tank Covering Systems

“LIKU-TECH” Tank Covering Systems offer a wide range of FRP covers sizes for tanks. These heavy duty covers are self-standing type that are easy to use with no maintenance.