Field Services

Installation, Commissioning & Operational Training

We have an extensive experience of our equipment installation, commissioning & operational training for all the projects across the world. Procedures related to installation, commissioning & operational training have been specifically defined for every equipment, and our well trained engineers have the necessary skills for the job. We promise that our Installation, commissioning & operational training services will deliver the desired technology and efficient processes as you require.

Operation & Maintenance

Our service ensures an uninterrupted efficiency in any treatment plant including OCU. We work all throughout the year in order to improve the performance of the plants & minimize maintenance costs.

It is the availability & services provided by our trained engineers and technicians allowing “LIKU-TECH” Operation & Maintenance Team to stay ahead of everyone in the business segment.

Project Management

  • Initiation – Project Chart, Project Initiation
  • Definition & Planning – Scope & Budget, Work Breakdown Schedule, Gantt Chart, Communication Plan, Risk Management
  • Execution – Status & tracking, KPIs, Quality, Forecasts
  • Performance & Control – Objectives, Quality, Deliverables, Efforts & Cost Tracking, Performance
  • Project Closing – Technical Punch List, Reporting, Customer Training, Lessons Learnt, Handing over to Customer